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What is a Chapter?

A chapter is defined as a group of active members of the Zeitgeist Movement in a particular region that serves and functions as an accurate representation of the Movement in their respective region.

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The purpose of the guide is to facilitate the development of any kind of Chapter within TZM. Topics include: organizing a core group; organizing local events; how to deal with “noise” in the chapter, etc...

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How do i start a Chapter?

So, you want to start a Chapter?
Before starting a chapter, you will need to be familiar with our understandings and be prepared to be proactive.
There are 4 simple steps to get you started...

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Calling all TZM advocates and supporters* Zday Coming soon.

Calling all TZM advocates and supporters
Zday Coming soon:
The weekend of March15th we are celebrating our 6th annual Zeitgeist Day! We consistently receive e-mails from people that support our train of thought and ask us what they can do to help. While activism in general heavily depends on the time one can, and wants to, contribute in sharing this train of thought with others, there is this one time of year you could do a bit more.


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